Access Statement

A scale floor-plan of the ShowMan's Wagon

A scale floor-plan of the ShowMan’s Wagon

There is around 20 metre walk from the parking space to the wagon door.  Around half of this distance is over a loose crushed-slate dressing.

As the living space is above ground level, it is accessed by a flight of 6 steps with a handrail. The oak steps are warped in places. Particular care should be taken in the wet.

By its nature, life on the road means space can be at a premium; the galley kitchen and loo are width-restricted and the stargazing window above the sofa in the lounge is low. Space around the bed is also tight, particularly around the foot where the two wooden posts extend beyond the mattress.

The driveway to the wagon, and the meadow below are both on a steep slope.

There is an unprotected pond at the bottom of the meadow.