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A panel of oak hooks with bunting.

Knitted bunting on the bedroom’s oak hooks.

The bedroom contains a standard size double bed. This bespoke creation was made from an oak tree felled by storms on the estuary in 2014, shortly after the restoration started. The slats under the mattress come from an ash tree growing at the bottom of the meadow. As the plan shows, this does not leave much floor space in the bedroom, but there is room to get out on either side. You will almost certainly stub your toe at least once before you get the hang of it!

The wagon bedroom

The bedroom catching a little of the late afternoon sun

There is storage space under the bed, including a pull out box, a shelf above the bed and a row of hooks at the foot of the bed. Both the shelf and hooks, along with the surfaces of the upcycled bar-stool bedside tables and window-ledge are made from the same oak tree as the bed.

The curtain between the bedroom and kitchen is formed from a traditional Welsh blanket from Brynkir Woolen Mill near Portmadoc and held on a rail made from a polished oak sapling taken from the meadow below the wagon.

The picture above the bed is by Helen Iles Photography and captures a scene from a National Theatre Wales production, “For Mountain, Sand & Sea” which was performed around the town of Barmouth at the head of the estuary in 2010.

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